Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finding your Inner Designer

The wonderful thing about jewelry design is that, even though designers may use the same or similar materials for their jewelry pieces, everyone has their own spin on things. My talent, or so I have been told a time or two, is in combining colors to make beautiful, striking pieces. I like to think I have talent beyond that. If you are a jewelry designer, you will know that style and skills continually change. I could barely stand to make the same piece twice...and so I didn't.

Although most of my beads used are Swarovski crystals and easily ordered via the Internet or found at bead stores, I like to find special gemstones at shows...not only are there a huge amount to choose from, they are one third the price of bead stores. Beaded Bauble designs, therefore, are naturally original as the gemstones incorporated are all unique and can't be reordered for the most part.

This soft toned bracelet on the left features Chinese crystals in soft green and cubic zirconia and Swarovski crystals in shades of purple. Bali sterling silver accents zig zag throughout.

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